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Welcome to Summit Field Analytical Services

Capstar 316- Uintah BasinSummit Field Analytical Services  is based in Heber City, Utah with mudlogging and geosteering services available to the domestic oil, gas, and potash industries and environmental field analytical services with our Utah-NELAP accredited mobile laboratory.    From our location in Heber City, Utah we are centrally located to serve the Rocky Mountain region, including Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Montana, and North Dakota.  We also have experience logging vertical and horizontal wells in NE Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale.  Our services include one and two-man Mudlogging, Geosteering, and Gas Referencing™.

Our mission is to produce data that is timely and accurate, produced conscientiously and in accordance with our company's standard operating procedures.  To accomplish this goal we use a system of quality controls to ensure that our field equipment is properly setup, calibrated, and maintained for the duration of the drilling program. We achieve this by utilizing state-of-the-art gas extraction and detection systems operated under strict quality control objectives.  Final mudlogs are submitted for 2nd party or peer review prior to release as a final report.  Gas calibration standards are accompanied by Certificates of Analysis and are prepared and traceable to NIST reference materials.

Summit Field Analytical Services (Summit-FAS) uses Hewlett-Packard/Agilent gas chromatographs equipped with dual flame ionization detectors (FID) for total gas and chromatographic analyses.  Fast GC analysis time (< 1 minute C1-C5) allows for finer resolution of chromatographic data which is especially  important during shows and fast drilling.  Our gas flow system and mud logging software were designed by engineer and industry expert Randy Amen, inventor of the Gas Referencing™  technique.  The flow system was designed to solve the problems that plague typical Mudlogging systems.  Our flow system minimizes the dead-space in each component and incorporates a high-efficiency water removal system.  The end result is low residence times throughout the flow system, faster flow velocities from the gas extractor to the gas detectors, better signal response at the detector from a drier gas stream, and better resolution of gas data from the low dead space throughout the flow system. 

Our chromatography data is processed using Chrom Perfect® software which allows for integration, storage and recall of individual run data and chromatograms. The chart illustrates the number of chromatograph runs per foot at various rates of penetration with various chromatograph cycle times.  Summit-FAS can produce 60 complete chromatograms from C1-C5 per hour (<1 minute cycle time),  For example, this would provide one data point for every 0.8' drilled at a ROP of 50 ft/hr and one data point for 5' drilled at a ROP of 300 ft/hr.  By comparison, a GC cycling every 4 minutes would produce one data point for each 3.3' drilled at a ROP of 50 ft/hr and one data point for every 20' drilled at a ROP of 300 ft/hr.  More data points per foot means better data resolution through potential show zones.

The mudlog data is acquired in real time with Prolog™ software which incorporates total and chromatographic gas logs plotted vs. depth, observed lithology symbol, percentage, and descriptions, and pertinent drilling parameters.  The gas, depth, and mud pump data is updated automatically for each data point and the mud log can be presented in either measured depth or True Vertical Depth format and is easily exported electronically using the industry standard LAS format.   Prolog™ software is WITS compatible and can send and receive WITS data.

Summit-FAS also provides Geosteering Services with steering experience in the following regions:

Utah-Lower Green River (Black Shale, Uteland Butte, Castle Peak, Wasatch Fm.)
North Dakota-Bakken,  Three Forks,
Montana, Heath, Tyler, Sherwood
Wyoming- Newcastle, Niobrara, Mancos

Summit-FAS uses Stoner Engineering (SES) geosteering software for Geosteering presentations.

Summit-FAS uses Wellsight™ Systems vertical and horizontal log presentation software (examples below) which is easily customized to display a wide variety of data curves and drilling information.  The mudlogs below show examples of Gas Referencing™  data, Compensated Gas Log™, Gas Signature and Ratios, and Horizontal log data. 

A free log viewer for either format is available at Wellsight Systems website.  To download the viewer, click on the button below: 



Wellsight Vertical Mudlog Basic Format w/CGL curve

Wellsight™ Vertical Mudlog Gas Ratio Format

Wellsight™ Horizontal Mudlog Format

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