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What's New?

Propylene Lag System 


Summit-FAS is moving away from the traditional calcium carbide lag procedure.  Calcium carbide is water sensitive and produces acetylene gas when wet.  It is highly restricted and regulated for over the road transport by the US DOT.  This compound cannot be legally transported over the road in any amount without a special hazardous material permit.  

Through our experience with Gas Referencing™ techniques we have modified our lag procedure by using propylene (C3H6) in place of calcium carbide.  Propylene is widely available and used commonly as a welding gas.  Similar to acetylene, it is not found in formation gas and can be chromatographed as a separate peak.  As a 3-carbon compound, it has a higher response on our FID systems than the acetylene.  One of the best features of the propylene lag system is that our mudlogger can perform the lag without going onto the drill floor and without assistance from the drill crew.  This eliminates any skin contact or inhalation danger for the mudlogger and drill crew that can occur when calcium carbide is used.  The system is easy to install with one or two injection ports with a quick connect fitting installed in the low pressure side of the suction line.

Please email or call if you would like more information on this new lag system.  We will be contacting our existing clients to explain the lag system and get approval to begin implementing it for their wells.


Secure Web Storage/File Access

Summit-FAS now has a secure web storage and File Access system for use by our clients. Securely access your final mudlogs, Raster files (TIF), show summary reports and LAS files at anytime.  You will receive an access code by email that will direct you right to your folders where you can select individual well folders and download any of the content. 

Mass Spectrometry Gas Analysis

Summit-FAS can provide Mass Spectrometry gas analysis using the DQ-1000 quadrupole mass spectrometer.  The DQ1000™ is a portable quadrapole mass analyzer that can be used to analyze a wide range of compounds important to oil and exploration and development projects.  The DQ1000™ delineates petroleum type, water saturation, fluid contacts and seals to a much greater extent than with conventional instrumentation. 


Gas Chromatography/Micro Thermal Conductivity (GC/TCD) detection for C1-
C10 hydrocarbons, helium, CO2, and H2S

Summit-FAS can now provide fast GC analysis for C1-C10 hydrocarbons, Helium, CO2, and H2S by micro-TCD using the Agilent 490 Micro TCD system.  The Agilent micro-TCD is a state of the art modular  GC system that is optimized to analyze C1-C5 hydrocarbons in <30 seconds which further aids in data resolution while maintaining the peak separation necessary for gas ratio analysis. 


Calcimetry is a field test to determine limestone and dolomite content of a powdered/sieved drill cutting sample.  The test provides fast results for limestone and dolostone percentage based on reaction of the sample with dilute hydrochloric acid in a sealed pressure vessel.  SMS can perform the Calcimetry analysis for your drilling projects. 
Digital Gas Data 
Summit-FAS collects digital gas data for both total gas and C1-C5 hydrocarbon analyses which provides 0-100% gas detection with no detector ranging or saturation issues.


Utah-NELAP Certified Environmental Mobile Laboratory

Summit Field Analytical Services is proud to announce that our Utah NELAP newly accredited environmental mobile laboratory is now the first (and only) mobile laboratory ever certified in the State of Utah.  This lab can provide on-site compliance analytical testing to support the Utah-DERR UST program throughout the State of Utah.


Wellsight Log Viewer update to version 8.0 is now available. 
We will be upgrading all the field units to version by the end of December 2016.  Please download the new log viewer version by clicking the button below.

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